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Just as comedians should "leave 'em laughing," speakers should "leave 'em thinking." It is advisable to take questions throughout the presentation so that the questions and answers are relevant to the content you are presenting. As we mentioned previously, saying "thank you" is a good way to finish. Marketing and advertising executive Dietmar Dahmen ends his Create Your Own Change talk with a running clock to accompany his last statement. Closing a presentation with a look back at the opening message is a popular technique. It is wrong to end your presentation with questions slide. Ideally, you should take questions throughout the presentation so that the question asked and the answer given is relevant to the content presented. Whatever story you want to narrate should be narrated in such a way that the audience can remember it and relate to it. A relatively easy way to powerfully end your speech is by using a quote. This encourages them to become invested in what you have to say and prepares them for the rest of your message. Consider Steve Jobs' famous last line at his commencement address at Stanford University: "Stay hungry, stay foolish.". And to those that prefers questions at the closing of the speech, you can have a relevant image that relates to the content presented. They may also choose to take photos of this slide with their phone to take home as a summary of your talk and to have your contact details. Asking an impressive question will make your listeners to think and ponder on the answer. Also, make sure the story relates to the points made in your speech. Ending your presentation with a visual image that your audience can completely get involved with is a good one. How exactly should you conclude a presentation or speech? This doesn’t happen by accident for most of us. For this to be effective, however, the quote needs to be one that has not been heard so often that it has become cliché. Make it known to the audience that you have finished. An audience that doesn’t know the stages of the journey you are about to take them on will be less at ease than one that knows what lies ahead. Alan Siegel, a brand identity consultant, also uses the rule of three to end his speech on simplifying legal language: "How are we going to change the world?" Irrespective of the speaker’s methods, here are seven ways to end a presentation or speech.. 1. According to some studies, it is believed that when people recall what was said, they tend to rate highly both the performance at the beginning and the end. Your email address will not be published. The quote should not be a popular one that people are used to hearing. You shouldn't end a presentation with a slide that asks "Questions?" It completes the circle - you end up back where you started. The Title Close. You can include your name and contact details. Closing a presentation with a look back at the opening message is a popular technique. The ‘plant’ is a good way to get questions started if you fear silence. Does it represent your authentic voice? Chances are that people do want to ask questions, but no one wants to be the first to ask a question. Eyes locked as you wove through a carefully crafted medley of stories, anecdotes, and analogies, all supporting your message. When it comes to organizing a presentation, here's an important truth to bear in mind: your greatest success doesn't depend upon your content. End a speech with a statement, not a question. The way you begin and end a presentation or speech is very essential. You should also appreciate all the guests for taken out their time for being present. You can use a running timer to make more emphasis to your concluding statement. It is not even the beginning of the end. He says, "If you shatter the fishbowl, so that everything is possible, you don't have freedom, you have paralysis ... Everybody needs a fishbowl” This is a brilliant ending that combines visuals, humour and a metaphor. Does it accurately condense what your core message is about? There are a few ways to approach this technique: At the beginning of your talk, it’s important to map out the main ideas you will talk about. If you want to talk about a customer experience or successful case study, think about how you can turn it into a meaningful story which the audience will remember and even relate to. A quote can be a satisfying way to end a presentation, as it makes it both credible and memorable. A short story. Facts with statistical numbers in them work well – you can easily search online for facts related to your speech topic. However, it is a big faux if you end your presentation with a thank you note. When the Q&A session is over, stand up, get their attention and close the presentation. Best Ways to Start and End Your Presentation or Speech Too often, a speaker loses his/her audience before he even gets to the core of his speech.
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